AIMHI Sparks National Pride: Secures Prestigious E3 Recognition Award in Malaysia

E3 Recognition Award

Ph startup and leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services for construction management bags E3 Chairman Recognition Award 2023 in Malaysia. The prestigious award ceremony held on December 2, 2023, at KL Wellness City, Kuala Lumpur, was attended by AIMHI founder and CEO Cherryanne Lee Angoy, along with Co-Founder and Chief Governance Officer Atty. Ma. Janice R. Tejano.

As a leading Entrepreneur Development and Growth Upscaling Company, E3 Hubs has dedicated service and fostered entrepreneurship across Asia for nearly two decades. It has been at the forefront of shaping entrepreneurial success stories, with unparalleled experience and a proven track record of working with over 7000 startups and SMEs.

The E3 Chairman Recognition Award is renowned for honoring entrepreneurs and startups with exceptional achievements in their respective fields. With only ten recipients annually, E3 Chairman Andrew Wong personally selects the startup awardees. AIMHI came out on the esteemed list for this year’s recognition award, sparking national pride in the Philippines.

“We are now living in the Asia Century era. The 21st century belongs to Asia and Southeast Asia, and China will be the driving force in Asia,” said E3 Chairman Wong. “Startups are the growth drivers of every economy. As developing countries, we must ensure our startups thrive in these challenging times.”

Chairman Wong also emphasized the challenges in starting, scaling, and ensuring a startup thrives, especially in a large industry. “The construction industry will always be an important growth driver in developing Asian economies. And it is also a very traditional industry with low levels of digitalization. AIMHI is standing on the cusps of the digitalization and AI era,” he added.

AIMHI (Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence) is an AI-driven, profit-first platform set to redefine the landscape of smart construction. Designed to address longstanding challenges in the industry, the promising startup emerges as a user-friendly solution leveraging the power of AI to drive efficiency, enhance profitability, and mitigate risks.

“When I first started AIMHI, it was to improve the efficiency of my family’s construction company, but I realized that AIMHI has a bigger purpose.” said AIMHI founder Cherryanne Lee Angoy.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) shows that the Philippine construction industry’s total gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) rose by 10.8% in Q3 2022 and 2023, reaching an all-time high of 926602.34 PHP Million in the second quarter of 2023.

“This is not just about making an impact in our own construction business. It’s improving the lives of the people in the construction industry in our country.” The founder expressed the need for digital transformation in the industry by giving an entry point to the small and medium construction companies who can’t afford the likes of BIM technology.

“Increase profitability and, in return, give them more chance of business continuity and being able to compete,” she added.

The Startup Award underscores AIMHI’s commitment to excellence and innovation in construction project management. Similarly, AIMHI’s recognition in this year’s E3 award reflects the platform’s technological advantage and pivotal role in reshaping construction innovation.

“The 10 recipients are selected based on their dedication to entrepreneurship, commitment to the process, and their inspiring entrepreneurial journey. We hope the selected 10 recipients of the Chairman Recognition Award will be beacons of inspiration and hope to startups and entrepreneurs in the E3 Community,” Chairman Wong said.

Angoy expressed gratitude and dedicated the award to the hardworking team that made these accomplishments possible.

“This award is for our hardworking team. They are very passionate about bringing our vision to life. We dedicate this award to the Filipino people. This is para bayan, mabuhay ang Pinoy innovation!” Angoy said with pride.

As AIMHI represents the global stage and brings pride to its home country, it remains steadfast in its commitment to efficiency and profitability in construction management. Its dedication to solving industry challenges has set it apart as a leader in the startup ecosystem, showcasing the team’s resilience and forward-thinking approach.

For an overview and details of AIMHI’s projects and initiatives, their resources and contact information can be accessed directly at their website:

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