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Absolutely. At AIMHI, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of our users’ data. We have a strict confidentiality agreement with all our subscribers, ensuring that your company and project information remains safe and protected. Additionally, we utilize AWS, one of the most secure cloud services, to store and manage your data, further enhancing its safety.

AIMHI is designed to streamline construction projects by leveraging artificial intelligence and intuitive features. Our platform offers seamless project workflow and scheduling capabilities, allowing you to efficiently manage tasks, resources, and timelines. AIMHI’s decision support feature provides proactive recommendations and actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize project efficiency.

Yes, AIMHI requires an internet connection to access the platform. However, you can access AIMHI from multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, and tablets, allowing you to stay connected and manage your projects wherever you are. Additionally, we are excited to announce that our upcoming mobile app will support offline mode, enabling you to use the platform even without WiFi. Once you have an internet connection, your data will sync seamlessly with the cloud.

AIMHI empowers you to effectively manage budgeting and control costs throughout your construction projects. Our platform allows you to track project budgets, monitor expenses, and streamline financial processes, ensuring that your projects remain profitable. AIMHI’s advanced analytics provide valuable insights into cost allocation and resource utilization, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your budget and control costs.

AIMHI is designed to handle construction projects of all scales and complexities. Whether your project involves multiple phases or locations, our platform provides the necessary tools and features to manage and coordinate the various aspects seamlessly. You can easily track progress, allocate resources, and ensure smooth collaboration across different phases and locations within a single platform.
No, there are no limitations on the number of users or projects that can be managed on the AIMHI platform. We understand that construction companies vary in size and project volume, which is why our platform is flexible and scalable. Whether you have a small team or multiple projects running simultaneously, AIMHI can accommodate your needs without any restrictions.

AIMHI promotes seamless communication and collaboration among project team members. Our platform provides a centralized hub where team members can easily communicate, share updates, and collaborate on project-related tasks. You can send messages, share attachments, and exchange important information within the platform. AIMHI also allows super admins to customize permissions, ensuring that team members have access to the necessary modules and information based on their roles and responsibilities.

Yes, AIMHI offers reporting and analytics capabilities to track project progress and performance. Our platform provides comprehensive insights into key project metrics, allowing you to monitor and analyze critical aspects such as resource utilization, cost allocation, and timeline adherence. With AIMHI’s real-time reporting and analytics, you can make data-backed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and ensure project success.

Yes, AIMHI includes powerful tools for tracking and managing equipment and materials throughout your construction projects. Our platform provides features to manage your equipment and material master lists, enabling you to keep track of their whereabouts, usage, and costs. AIMHI’s material purchase request feature facilitates proactive material management, minimizing the risk of ordering more than what is budgeted and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Absolutely. AIMHI’s proactive approach ensures that you stay informed about critical project events in real-time. Our platform provides notifications and alerts for upcoming milestones, deadlines, or any other project-related events that require attention. These real-time notifications enable you to take timely action, address potential issues, and ensure that your projects progress smoothly according to plan.

Given the location of project sites, physical monitoring presents a significant challenge. Thanks to AIMHI, our engineers can easily upload site data such as their visit checklist, photos, equipment and fuel consumption. We can download this data immediately and use it to analyze whether specific projects need to improve the achievements of their site or adjust project expenses.
Engr. Zandre Ann Limoran
Planning Department Head

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