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AIMHI is a user-friendly platform that harnesses the power of AI to help construction businesses make smarter decisions, boost profits, cut costs, and reduce risks.

Our Vision

AIMHI is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide.

AIMHI’s construction decision support platform is designed to inform you about soaring costs and liabilities, allowing you to bring down risk and protect your budget. It also predicts target profit accurately at the earliest stages of the project and provide you with insights and recommended actions needed for better decision making.

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Our Founders

Eve on Top is the team behind AIMHI (Artificial Intelligence Meet Human Intelligence).

Cherryanne Lee Angoy

Founder, CEO

Monica Llamas-Turrecha

Founder, CTO

Atty. Ma. Janice Tejano

Founder, Chief Legal Counsel, DPO

The three (3) founding members share the same passion - empowering and lifting others and build Mindanao Philippines to be an AI melting pot of Asia. They believe that no boundaries in where, what and how the mind can do and achieve, provided you start doing.

Our Advisers

We are not alone in this journey. We have advisers to help us achieve our goals.

Andrew Wong

Co-Founder, E3 Hubs

Thor Turrecha

EVP Global SaaS, meldCX

Our Team

Building the future is a team effort, and we're proud to have a remarkable team.

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Our Story

Founder and CEO, Cherryanne Lee Angoy, spent 16 years of her career in the US where she held leadership roles in different capacities at one of the world’s biggest tech company, Verizon. When she came back to the Philippines, she co-founded an ecommerce startup company, StreetBy. Her wide background in Technology and Wireless Industry, Digital Marketing, Sales and Operations has driven her vision to help advance the economy of Mindanao – seeking greater heights in the male dominated fields of construction.

May 2021

Cherryanne & Monica founded AIMHI by Eve, Cherryanne being the CEO and Monica as the CTO

February 2022

AIMHI is one of the few incubates accepted into UP Mindanao’s Technology Business Incubator, UPGRADE Innolab

March 2022

CEO, Founder, wowed a speaker at UPGRADE’s mentoring session and was awarded 500K worth of AWS credits, which would later be pivotal in completing their MVP

June 16, 2022

During a Presscon Abreeza, Davao City, AIMHI announced their intention to launch the first AI- first local company to bring innovation in the construction industry with

June 22, 2022

First customer

July 2022

AIMHI got featured on Davao’s Byaheng Du30 segment

August 2022

AIMHI on boarded our first AAA contractor

August 2022

Atty, Janice joined AIMHI as the 3rd Founder and Chief Legal Officer and Data Privacy Officer

September 2022

AIMHI received half a million peso grant from Accenture in partnership with UPERDFI-UPSCALE

October 2022

AIMHI conducts multiple FGD sessions to get feedback on MVP

November 2022

AIMHI was pick one of the PH Startup Weekend Top 100 Startup

January 2023

AIMHI became a DOST Startup Fund Grantee and received P3.8M for R&D to strengthen it’s AI technology

February 2023

AIMHI got featured in Independent investor

March 2023

Andrew Wong, E3 Hub of Malaysia, became AIMHI’s first investor

April 2023

Damosa land’s construction arm, Anflocor, one of the region’s biggest developer, became one of our subscribers

June 2023

AIMHI officially opens pre-seed funding round

Given the location of project sites, physical monitoring presents a significant challenge. Thanks to AIMHI, our engineers can easily upload site data such as their visit checklist, photos, equipment and fuel consumption. We can download this data immediately and use it to analyze whether specific projects need to improve the achievements of their site or adjust project expenses.
Engr. Zandre Ann Limoran
Planning Department Head

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