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Cost-effective, AI-driven project management tools bring profit to a construction business, and here’s why. Advanced artificial intelligence can power traditional project management workflows seamlessly. Integrating cutting-edge technology with human intelligence leads to substantial cost savings for every construction business. The result? A more streamlined and profitable operation.

AIMHI’s construction project management software emerges as a beacon of hope for industry professionals experiencing tight deadlines, strict budgets, and lack of efficiency. This smart solution promises to streamline workflows and transform the way construction companies manage projects, without working more.

As the name suggests, AIMHI uses artificial intelligence primarily because its development and integration have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Unlike past technological shifts that marked distinct, transformative periods, AI has emerged gradually over several decades. Its contribution to the Fourth Industrial Revolution plays a crucial role in shaping the way we live, work, and interact with technology, and its integration has been continuous and iterative.

The Davao Region-based startup believes the synergy between artificial and human intelligence is a catalyst for success in the construction landscape’s competitive nature. As construction professionals increasingly recognize the need for smart solutions, AIMHI stands as a testament to the lucrative benefits of adopting industry-recognized construction management software.

The Problem at Hand

For years, construction project managers and contractors have grappled with complex scheduling, budgeting, and communication challenges. Delays, cost overruns, and miscommunication have been recurring nightmares. AIMHI designed a construction project management platform to alleviate these pain points and redefine the way companies execute construction projects.

In response to these pressing needs, AIMHI’s project management software represents a prime advancement. Now, they are spearheading a discussion on how to run a profitable construction business and giving out new construction business tips.

The AIMHI Solution

AIMHI’s project management software stands out with its robust suite of features that boost profitability. From dynamic project scheduling to real-time budget tracking, it offers a comprehensive solution to project delays and cost overruns. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those without extensive technical expertise can navigate seamlessly. With this, it can foster increased collaboration and efficiency within teams.

The AI-driven platform not only streamlines scheduling, budgeting, and communication but also introduces predictive analytics and risk assessment features. This approach empowers contractors, project managers, and engineers with real-time insights. As a result, they can proactively address potential challenges and optimize project outcomes.

As cutting-edge technology solutions continue to evolve, AIMHI’s commitment to transforming construction project management becomes increasingly evident. This milestone marks a significant stride toward a more efficient and data-driven future for the industry.

Key Features

In a market flooded with smart solutions, AIMHI’s competitive edge lies in the following key features.

  • Adaptability
  • Real-time collaboration features
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • AI-driven, profit-first construction management tools

But how exactly can you run a profitable construction business?

Among all the key features, their project management software boasts its reliable workflow system, cost optimization management, proactive recommendations with “Next Best Activity,” and site reporting & monitoring.

A side-by-side comparison with other software options highlights why AIMHI is the go-to choice for construction professionals. According to its value proposition, AIMHI has helped construction businesses reduce costs, minimize risk, and increase profit by up to 10%. The software’s transparency and user-friendly features are also why there has been a fast adoption of their technology.

Industry Recognition

AIMHI’s accolades include the “E3 Chairman Recognition Award 2023” held in Malaysia, “renowned for honoring entrepreneurs and startups with exceptional achievements in their respective fields.” E3 Chairman Andrew Wong personally selected AIMHI as one of the 10 startup awardees for 2023.

“The construction industry will always be an important growth driver in developing Asian economies. And it is also a very traditional industry with low levels of digitalization. AIMHI is standing on the cusps of the digitalization and AI era,” Chairman Wong said.

In 2022, AIMHI also came out as one of the PH Startup Weekend Top 100 Startups. Being recognized in this kind of platform not only solidified AIMHI’s standing in the startup ecosystem but also underscored its innovative contributions to the construction sector.

Furthermore, AIMHI’s strategic partnerships with leading construction associations continue to position it as a pioneering force within the industry. By aligning with key players, AIMHI ensures that its solutions are not only technologically robust but also grounded in the practical needs and nuances of the construction domain.

Positive reviews from industry experts further solidify AIMHI’s position as a trusted solution.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Feron Jay Juan, a site engineer, shares his experience: “Being on time, within budget, and of utmost quality are the aspects that make a well-accomplished project, of which I, as a Site Engineer must follow through. AIMHI is the support platform that reinforces me to achieve these. Through AIMHI, I can overview where and when I can provide engineering interventions to yield cost optimization and mitigate delays.”

“I am well aware of my project’s material management because AIMHI can monitor material quantity and cost from the actual against in-house estimate to a specific activity. Moreover, it helps me to be mindful of my priorities to stay on track with my progress since I can always check my weekly accomplishments and targets anytime on AIMHI,” he added.

“I do believe that it is beneficial to have AIMHI for guidance because it provides a centralized approach in keeping project progress on track and it makes a better project management under one umbrella.”

Another success story echoes similar sentiments, underlining AIMHI’s effectiveness in diverse project environments. This is what Zandre Ann Limoran, Planning Department Head of Metro Gear Construction Corporation, has to say: “As head of the Planning Department, AIMHI has provided me with a channel for real-time project monitoring, which includes site activities, fuel, and equipment updates. We are fortunate to have multiple projects in different areas. However, given the location of each site, physical monitoring of the site presents a significant challenge.”

She added, “Luckily, our technology is constantly evolving and thanks to AIMHI, our engineers can easily upload site data such as their site visit checklist, photos, equipment, and fuel consumption. And, as with my team, we can download this data immediately and use it to analyze whether specific projects need to improve the achievements of their site or adjust project expenses.”

Final Takeaway

Learning how to run a profitable construction business requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses strategic planning, effective team management, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The insights shared in this article provide a comprehensive roadmap for contractors, project managers, engineers, and industry professionals seeking success in construction’s dynamic and competitive nature. From conducting thorough market research to embracing technological innovations, each facet plays a crucial role in shaping a thriving construction enterprise.

To further navigate the evolving terrain of the industry, the key to sustained profitability lies in adaptability and continuous improvement. By staying attuned to market trends, fostering a positive workplace culture, and harnessing the power of strategic partnerships, businesses can not only increase profit but also position themselves as leaders in the field.

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Given the location of project sites, physical monitoring presents a significant challenge. Thanks to AIMHI, our engineers can easily upload site data such as their visit checklist, photos, equipment and fuel consumption. We can download this data immediately and use it to analyze whether specific projects need to improve the achievements of their site or adjust project expenses.
Engr. Zandre Ann Limoran
Planning Department Head

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